Friday, November 14, 2014

City of North Charleston

North Charleston does not have the best reputation. If you theywill probably talk to the people who live there or in the area, say you is not the best place to live givenName the amount of crime. But how dangerous it? In this article I'm going to go into detail about the crime rate and the overall security of the city and explain exactly what it feels like to live in the third largest city in South Carolina.

The overall crime rate review just shows that people safer than 3% of the cities in the United States. This means they have 97% of the cities are safer than the city. This is a very insightful statistics. When you consider the number of cities had "may be safer, it is easy to see thatthis city is not perhaps the best place to be. The 3% No" may be less certain than it has to be cities like Detroit that all everyone know is a very dangerous place to live.

Comparing the crime rate in the city with other extreme Cities in South Carolina, the difference is enough. Each statistic is facing the city shows with other regions or cities in South Carolina did is the fiercest live to nationwide place. Some summary statistics are comparisons crimes against property. The average North Chuck per 1,000 population is 61.22, while the state of South Carolina is 39. So the city is about 1.6 times the amount of property crimes compared to the state of South Carolina.

An even tell statistical comparison of the city in South Carolina as a whole includes the crime rate per mile. The State of South Carolina is located only 10 crimes per mile evaluated. This is a relatively small amount compared to the national average of 39.3, but compared to North Charleston rate seems completely insignificant. The average crimes per mile area comes at a whopping 111! This figure is made more than 11 times the average for the state.

It may be easier to see the security, or should I say lack of security in the region, when compared with the United States as a whole. Rates of murder, rape, robbery, assault and there at least twice the national average. The murder rate is.12 during the national IS.05. The injury is at.52; the national rate is.27. Robo is at 3:01 and the United States at 1.19. Assault is 5.08 and the country as a whole is only 2.52. These statistics show made perfect North Charleston is to be a very safe place.
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