Friday, July 27, 2012

Officer DeCorte honored for off duty actions

Office Jason Lee DeCorte of the North Charleston Police Department was honored at City Council on July 27, 2012 as the City's employee of the quarter for his off duty actions last spring.

On May 15, 2012, Officer DeCorte traveling on Dorchester Road when he observed a vehicle swerving across all lanes of traffic.  Although off duty, Officer DeCorte went forth with a standard traffic stop to prevent the car's occupant from injuring himself, other motorist, or pedestrians.

When Officer DeCorte approached the vehicle, the motorist would not roll his window down or open the driver's door as was instructed and appeared to be in a daze with his eyes opening and closing very slowly.  When the door was finally opened, the motorist's legs appeared to be very swollen, his shirt and pants soaked from sweat, and his reactions delayed.  In addition, the motorist could not answer any of Officer DeCorte's questions.

Quickly realizing the motorist needed medical treatment, Officer DeCorte requested an EMS Unit to respond immediately.  After their arrival it was discovered that the motorist's blood sugar was dangerously low.  If a few more minutes had passed, the motorist could have lost his life.

Officer DeCorte, while off duty, prevented what could have been a tragic ending.  His actions saved a life and removed a very dangerous situation from our community's roadway.

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